Events Calendar



  • April 8-10:  Porsche Festival of Speed, Auto Club Speedway – interior

Click here for more information and registration.  This event is not a BMW CCA event, but since many of our members have more than one German marque in their garage, we are posting it.  

  • April 10: Tire Rack Street Survival, Auto Club Speedway – parking lot

Do you have a new driver in your household, family or neighborhood?  Wouldn’t it be great if they could learn how to handle their car in emergency situations BEFORE the need arises?  No matter how many times you read about or hear about how to control a skidding car, or use the ABS, or make a quick lane change to avoid something in the road, until you have actually experienced it it’s all just theory.  This course puts young drivers behind the wheel of their own car  and provides them with actual skills that will give them, and you, more confidence, keep them safer, and maybe even save their lives.

We need coaches and volunteers to make this a successful event.  If you are an advanced HPDE student (or instructor), or an accomplished autocrosser, you may find that coaching Street Survival is the most satisfying motorsport activity you can participate in.

Coaches and Volunteers – sign up here.

Students – sign up here.

Thanks to PCA for sharing their venue with us so that we can hold our first 2016 Street Survival course.  


  • May 28-29:  Bimmerfest, Auto Club Speedway

The quintessential BMW gathering, with something for everyone.  Whether you like new BMWs, old BMWs, bone stock or highly modified BMWs, quietly purring or loudly roaring BMWs, it’s all here.  Drop by the BMW CCA booth and help recruit a few new members.

Read more here, or visit their Facebook page.


  • August 19: Legends of the Autobahn, Monterey
  • August 20-21: Festorics, Motorsport Reunion, Mazda Raceway, Laguna Seca
  • August 23-28: Oktoberfest and BMWs 100th Anniversary, Monterey