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Street of Willow, 12/11/11 with BMW CCA


Auto Club Speedway HPDE 06/10/2011 with BMW CCA, Los Angeles, A group run 3 of 5, 1 lap


BMW CCA Golden Gate Chapter, Laguna Seca Raceway March 14th, 2011

BMW M3 HPDE Session 1 Instructor Dec 17, 2011 PBIR


Just returned home yesterday and posted this video of our southbound 59 mile run at the BBORR (Big Bend Open Road Race) on YouTube today. . More interesting in the car than watching the video of course, and the second half of the video has most of the curves and elevation changes. We finished the two legs, a total of 118 miles, just a total of .337 seconds (one third of a second) off from a perfect time, but in our very competitive class of 110 mph target speed (124 max) with 34 entrants that placed us just 7th. Lots of fun again, with record setting high temperatures in the few days of practice and other events before the actual race (when it cooled into the 90s) We plan to go again in 2013 because our fellow team members have been great to hang around with, and the driving is so much fun. Will try to move up to the 115 or 120 target speed class if we can install 5 point harnesses without damaging our car (the 2001 740i Sport, which handles just beautifully at speed and is a pleasure to drive on trips as well). Looking forward to the wine tour next month. Martin


AutoX with the BMW CCA Los Angeles Chapter on May 20, 2012
This is at AutoClub Speedway in Fontana. My 2nd and 3rd timed runs including my fastest run of the day (3rd timed run) at 83.333 seconds. Chapter AutoX events run by Randall. This course was designed by Ken.

350Z Autocross – BMW Car Club Of America (X-Class) – 05/20/2012


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  1. The auto-cross was a ton of fun, as usual. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for the rest of the day (as usual). But I did manage to capture Geoff getting his groove on in the M5 through the slalom…

    Let’s see if YouTube’s embed code works here. “Lap 2” toward the end. Looked a lot more impressive from my vantage point than the camera’s I’m afraid.

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