Dealer Reps and our Neighborhood program

Do you have an ongoing relationship with one of these centers? Would you like to be their official BMW CCA contact person? Your duties will include:

Verify that the store offers a discount for CCA members and what the standard discount is.

Many dealers offer 10 to 15% off parts and accessories. Some offer more on select items. A few offer a discount on some service items. Find out what your BMW Center offers and we’ll list it on the BMW Center page.

Visit the Center about once a month to:

  •  restock the BMW CCA membership flyers
  •  chat with the parts department
  •  answer questions they have about membership benefits
  •  encourage them to get refer new members
  •  tell them about upcoming events
  •  find out if they want to sponsor an event, host a Meet and Greet, purchase advertising or donate raffle prizes. Let the Chapter know if a BMW Center is offering any limited time specials or holding an event that our membership would enjoy (open house, movie night, etc.) We can post it to the website, publicize it in the newsletter and/or eBlast it to our membership.Neighborhood Member Representatives

In the older days BT (before traffic) the huge area this Chapter covers wasn’t a problem. A member could leave from home after work in Ventura County on a weekday to attend a dinner meeting in the San Gabriel Valley and get back home the same day. Driving from the San Fernando Valley to Dana Point for a weekend event was a piece of cake. Yep, those were the good old days. Those days are gone so now we need to make other arrangements to ensure that LA Chapter members can still reap the benefits of membership. That is why the Chapter is establishing the Neighborhood Rep program.

Volunteers for this position will be active members of the Chapter. (S)he will be interested in coordinating events and activities designed specifically for the other members in that neighborhood. The Neighborhood Rep isn’t necessarily the person who will personally plan and organize each Neighborhood event; but they will provide support and advice to help someone else organize an event.

The Neighborhood Rep will help the Membership Chair and Activities Chair make sure every member has a local function to attend at least twice a year. One event should be a Meet and Greet at a local BMW Center, but the other events can be tailored to the area. Depending on the neighborhood you might plan a coastal or mountain driving tour/picnic, a walking tour or a museum event. Maybe a swap meet or a garage tour would be ideal, or perhaps a discounted entry into a local attraction. Every neighborhood has its own special attractions and the Neighborhood Rep is the best person to capitalize on them.

Dealer Reps and/or Neighborhood Reps:

  •  Can be the same person
  •  Work closely with the Membership and Activity Chairs to provide both members and BMW Centers with the highest quality events and relationships
  •  Provide a mutually beneficial liaison between BMW Centers and the Chapter
  •  DO NOT handle issues or listen to complaints about the BMW Centers
  •  DO NOT resolve conflicts between BMW Centers and members.

Meet and Greet Start Up Kit